Science Alliance Program

Supporting Science and Tech Education

Through OPEF’s Science Alliance Program, D97 3rd – 5th grade students engage with professional scientists and engineers in a classroom setting. Together, students and scientists conduct hands-on experiments and/or investigations as they actively participate in the scientific process. To complement the classroom activities, students often participate in field trips with the collaborating professional scientist. These field trips allow students to immerse with a scientist in a specialized setting and provide opportunities for discovery, exploration and experimentation.

There is Great Value Having Students Interact with Professional Scientists in our Elementary School Classrooms.

— D97 Teacher

Science Alliance Program Goals

From classroom experiments to field trips with professionals, Science Alliance aims to provide:

Hands-On Experimentation

Encourage discovery, observation and hands-on experimentation in our students.


Inspire students to think about future career opportunities in STEM fields.

Fostering Imagination

Demonstrate to students first hand the importance of science to our society.

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